Every great business starts with an idea

Our all-in-one Marketing Platform puts your audience at the heart of your marketing.

Bring your audience data, marketing channels, and insights together so you can reach your goals faster. With Mailchannel, you can promote your business across email, social, landing pages, postcards, and more - all from a single platform.

Drive More Sales with Custom Automation

Eliminate the guesswork with our flexible segmentation. Put your data to work and send relevant, highly targeted messages that meet your customers' buying intent and expectations. Use better personalization that makes your brand authentic and results in higher engagement rates. Win-win.

Build an Integrated Customer Experience

Give your customers a unified experience with an Mailchannel touch. Reach out to your customers in a way they prefer, not what the tools allow. Choose between email, SMS messages, web push notifications, Facebook messenger, Viber & Whatsapp or combine them into the workflow.

Send a More Relevant Message

Higher sales begin with understanding your customers' shopping behavior. Mailchannel connects the dots and provides you with actionable data based on your customers' attributes, browsing behavior, interactions with your brand or any custom event you can think of.

Built-in Analytics so You Can Market Smarter

See what’s working and what isn’t with real-time performance reports for your campaigns. And get personalized recommendations and data-driven insights from a platform that gets smarter along the way.


Just starting out? We’ll help you find your people.

We know what it’s like to start a business with big dreams for the future. We’ll help you build your brand and grow your audience while staying true to yourself.

The more you know about your people, the smarter you can be with your marketing. With all your audience data in one place, you can create the content they’ll enjoy most.

Build your brand

Our helpful design tools make it easy to look like the business you want to be. Keep all your assets in one place, so you can show your business in the best light across different channels.


Support Works


Trusteed Marketers



Pre-built campaigns

Keep the momentum going when you launch a pre-built campaign we suggest.

Smarter targeting

Use clickable insights to launch campaigns for specific audience segments.

Lookalike audience finder

We use our large audience network to find new people who are similar to your contacts.

Grow your business

Stay on top of your campaigns, manage your audience, and get key insights and advice about your marketing.

Looking For Support? Get In Touch

Find your people. Engage your customers. Build your brand. Do it all with Mailchannel’s Marketing Platform.

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